Nerve-racking and exhausting, yet exciting and empowering...  That's probably the best way to characterize Echo's Expo West 2010 experience. We successfully launched Echo and received overwhelming feedback from people who stopped by our booth, but everything could have turned out very differently...

As it happened, our first production run didn't get started until 6pm on the 11th of March, just hours before the show.   After months spent battling production delays it wasn't a surprise that things came down to the wire, but it certainly made for a stressful time.   The first cases of Echo rolled off the production line at 8pm and arrived at the Anaheim Convention Center with less than 12 hours remaining before the show.  Countless issues could have come up at the last minute, but we were due for some good luck and the final stage of production went smoothly.

Bringing the first cases of Echo into the expo hall felt about as wonderful as running the final leg of the Olympic torch relay... not to mention the fact that it was a huge relief knowing we wouldn't be left without a product for Expo West.

The show was well worth the effort, we received heaps of praise for Echo's mission, product attributes and packaging design which was both rewarding and encouraging after months spent getting to this point.  We want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth for the positive feedback and support you gave us and also want to thank our wonderful neighbors Simple SquaresTea Forte and Rao's for your great advice and countless free samples.

Take a look at some photos from ExpoWest and stay tuned for progress reports right here on the Echo-Sphere blog.

More photos are posted on Echo's Flickr Photostream